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People are buzzing about The&nbspCovington.

People are buzzing about The Covington.

Hear for yourself from our excited new residents.

We appreciate that making a move to a senior living community is a major decision.

Here are just some of the folks who were once where you are—and now hope you will soon be where they are: Enjoying our new and unique culture of Creative Living!

Why I enjoy living at the Covington? It's the people! I enjoy the fine facilities, the many activities, and the fine food. But, what makes the Covington unique are the friendly, concerned, compassionate people that make up our community.
- Eliot

I’m single and perfectly able to live on my own. But, I wasn’t doing the things on my own that I love to do- symphony, musical theatre, plays, educational trips, and travel. Since I moved to the Covington a year ago that void has been wonderfully filled. In just the...Read More
- Sarah H

The minute I stepped in through the door, friendliness was apparent with smiling receptionist Sarah along with Ida, sales person.  Adjacent to their station were the residents in The Cove, talking and laughing amongst one another.  One could tell The Covington was thinking of the welfare of whomever resided there...Read More
- Mary Lam

WHY I CHOSE THE COVINGTON? Although I’ve lived here for 10 years, there are other residents who have been here since the Covington opened 15 years ago.  What accounts for our longevity and why do we defy all the Actuarial Tables on length of life?  Well, I think it is because...Read More
- Virginia Somerville

When we moved to The Covington almost six years ago, I knew I was getting security, housekeeping, fine dining, events and activities, fitness, transportation and all the things that would make my life easier.  What I didn’t expect was the sense of real community, genuine care and friendship.  We are...Read More
- Resident

I have lived at the Covington for 15 years. I moved in with my husband who had lost his sight and my father moved into the adjacent apartment.  It made all our lives so much easier, no grocery shopping, no more cooking. Housekeeping & laundry taken care of weekly. It was...Read More
- Margaret Schumacher

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